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britney, age 25

A few years after my slip and fall both my fiancée and I have started coming here, they’ve really given me quality of life back. Not only that, I honestly love coming in for every visit, I’ve worked with Tara, Eric and Bryan and each one of them are so awesome in their own ways. I would recommend everyone and anyone I could to come to either of them. Each visit they really do make you feel like your coming to hang out with friends. We also see Susan for our massage and she really does the trick; talk about a nice finish to the day. I love love love this place, I will be a loyal patient for years to come! Thank you for all you do here, please keep it up!!

Nancy, age 50

Just wanted to say that I am doing well thanks in large part to Eric and of course the whole team.

I came at a time of great need and received excellent service and care. My aches and pains have decreased with the lowering stress level but I have no doubt I will be back as needed.

Thank you so very much!

Sheila, Age 55

I was a sufferer of lower chronic back pain for almost 5 years. Long car trips were absolute torture and then the pain started to interfere with my everyday tasks. I woke up several times a night and just taking groceries into the house caused me great pain. The pain distracted me at work as well.

Finally I decided to go to Active Body Clinic.

Bryan assessed me and said they could help explaining the problems I was experiencing so I began my treatments. Bryan began with me with therapy and then Eric came on the scene with more therapy.

Right from the beginning they gave me simple stretching exercises to do at home to help me and eventually I received Acupuncture followed by some core strengthening exercises. After the first month, I was 50% better and life in general was getting better and less stressful without the pain.

I will say however, I knew in order for the therapy and treatment to work, I had to do my part so I was very faithful to my exercises at home and followed every instruction that Bryan and Eric gave to me. I knew this was going to be life changing and I was so willing to change to rid myself of this awful pain. They explained things to me every step of the way so I now understand the problem, why it was occurring and what I could do to maintain the positive effects. There WAS NO WAY I WANTED TO GO BACK TO THE CHRONIC PAIN ever again.

My only mistake was I should have gone years earlier to rectify the situation and I made a bad choice in leaving it which made it worse.

I am thankful that Bryan and Eric turned things around for me in only a few short months and my own children are even happier for me.

Chronic pain affects your family and work and mental health and it is not worth it to leave the pain untreated. A person needs to seek out treatment because it will not get better on its own despite what you may feel. I cannot tell you how happy that I went to Active Body Clinic. I will continue to do my exercises and my core strengthening routine because I want to be part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem. Nothing fixes itself.

Lastly, all of the staff including the great girls at the front desk are positive, enthusiastic, warm and accommodating.

Charlie, age 63

It is always amazing that you can relieve the pain and stiffness in my arthritic knees. Every time I come to you (almost bi annually now) I think that I will have to give up playing weekly football on Saturdays and Sundays. But for the past eight or nine years, the therapy and acupuncture you have given me have provided relief and have enabled me to continue playing.

The other players are always surprised that I can continue to play, on real turf that is often hard and uneven, to the level that I can still reach.

With your help, I will reach my goal of playing for another seven years — until I am 70.

Thank you.

R.B. & A.B., Age 38

We began attending Active Body Clinic and after only a few weeks we had some results. We continued on but did not follow all of the recommendations concerning diet and adding cardio. Once we both did this, our results accelerated. I lost over thirty five pounds and my wife lost a total of 10% body fat. Following the diet recommendations also gave us the energy we needed to complete our workout and build the muscle we desired. The fat melted off and our expectations were exceeded. Active Body Clinic taught us all of the components needed to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Chris, age 35

Hi Bryan,

I know its super busy for you and talking on the phone is usually not an option so I just wanted to take the time to thank you and let you know that you should expect a call from the Fire Dept. in the next few months.

I have received a Conditional Job Offer from the Fire Dept. I passed my fitness test, will see the City Doctor and then get fitted for uniforms. I will start recruit training in the spring.

I am very thankful for all the help you have given me. Being a reference, your health advice, your willingness to go out of your way to get my leg back into tip top shape, coming in early all of those days. I really cannot thank you enough.

I will do my very best to promote Active Body Clinic because I know you guys are the greatest. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to hand out or put up in the station (if I am allowed when the time comes) I will be happy to do whatever.

Thanks again Bryan, you helped me achieve my goals and I am very grateful.


R.M., Age 32

My experiences with Active Body Clinic have been very rewarding. I was guided through the process of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At each stage of my commitment, my interest was deepened. When I finally followed the nutrition plan seriously, I was able to shed 50% of my body’s fat, reducing it while actually building muscle. My confidence, physique and athletic ability have all improved enormously. The team’s knowledge and understanding has empowered me to live a well balanced and productive life.

The other players are always surprised that I can continue to play, on real turf that is often hard and uneven, to the level that I can still reach.

With your help, I will reach my goal of playing for another seven years — until I am 70.

Thank you.

F.A., Age: 8

Thank you Dr. D., for giving me Happy Feet.

D.S., Age 57

Dear Friends,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the help you have given me on my road to recovery. You have given me the medical intervention I needed as well as suggestions and programs with which to have continued optimal health.

I entered the clinic as a client in mid-September 2009 and had my discharge in June 2010. At first, I had no idea how long the road to recovery would be, nor what the final result would be. After a yard accident which took me to hospital by ambulance, I was diagnosed with a fracture of the Lumbar 4 Vertebrae and also, irregularly, had immobilizing pain in my right front thigh. I was barely able to walk for two weeks after the accident and needed to crawl to the washroom, only dressing to go to therapy sessions. I pretty well spent two weeks in bed.

At the ABC Clinic, I was received with caring, courtesy and efficiency by all staff members that I encountered. Bryan began my treatments with pain relief and contact with my medical practitioner to coordinate my care by planning tests and discussing treatment direction. When it was possible, Bryan worked deeper on my back and leg to promote healing, went over the test results with me in detail as they arrived, then eventually referred me to his team for a rehabilitation program which included appropriate exercises and nutritional counseling.

They planned a hybrid exercise program which included functional movements, which helped me to get back my mobility; a weight program to increase muscle strength and cardio for my cardio-respiratory system. As I started the program in pain, not knowing my potential for improvement, I really was not too concentrated on sculpting my body; I wanted first of all to be able to move and to stop hurting.

My treatment providers were always attentive, encouraging and present to respond to questions. I had many various concerns during the length of my treatment, every one of them being treated seriously, with answers that demonstrated reflection and sensitivity to my problems. For example, I wanted to know how to have an optimal workout program at another facility once my insurance covered treatment was terminated, and a program structure as well as specific exercises were explained and written out for me. I had several nutritional concerns, such as my cravings for foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates. They took a lot of time with me to explore alternatives and how to cope with a healthier attitude towards food over an extended time period. We explored how to build confidence in the face of food challenges, but most importantly, when I failed in my nutritional goals, they de-dramatized what seemed like a mountain to me and encouraged me to forget what happened and get back into proper nutritional mode and also reiterated that this was a lifelong process and anyone committed to healthy living would have to reinvest in it on a continual basis to maintain results.

Finally, I would like to give you some numbers to prove what I have said about the great results. My body weight has gone down, but more importantly I have reduced body fat by a total of 8 and increased muscle mass by a total of 5. My measurements have changed from 39-34-42.5 to 38-29-38.5.

As a final comment, I would like to say that people at work do not believe I have not lost much weight as indicated on the scales. I have told them that the difference in the program that I received at the ABC Clinic was that it did not concentrate on weight loss, but concentration was on proper nutrition over time, building muscle and having a positive attitude about taking care of myself.

Thank you Bryan, and all your other friendly and competent staff at ABC. I would and have recommended you to others, and would come to see you again if ever I was in need of your services.

J.M., Age: 27

I would like to thank Active Body Clinic, for their effective coaching skills, extensive therapeutic knowledge and motivating and positive attitude that was consistently exhibited in every one of my visits. The team has given me a plethora of useful and effective information pertaining to diet, nutrition, modifications to my workout routines and new core muscle building techniques that has allowed me to more intelligently embark in my 2010 mission to new heights of leanness. My ultimate goal was to strengthen my core muscle group and lower back and more importantly define my physique. During my time at Active Body Clinic, I lost 6 pounds of fat and brought my body fat percent down 3 percent! After JUST 2 WEEKS, with an abundance of core strengthening and intensive workout sessions that surprisingly were literally HALF the duration I spent in a regular gym, I felt like I burned twice the amount of calories and fat, I looked incredibly lean and toned, I increased my stamina and agility, and I felt stronger in my mid section, my lower back and leg muscles. I have less pain in my lower back, I am stronger, more flexible and mobile, and my cardio capability shot through the roof! The team gave me a whole new perspective on healthy eating and working out effectively.

I have a very busy work schedule and hectic daily lifestyle, and thus TIME is always an issue. I was shown a daily workout routine that is QUICK, INTENSE, EFFECTIVE and one that has ultimately given me CONFIDENCE in my look and most importantly how I feel every day. The team always stayed on top of my progress, continuously following my progression from day one.

The planning, action and reflection before, during and after my sessions really solidified an effective workout and nutritional plan that was specifically for ME. Active Body Clinic’s modern and up-to-date facility, state of the art equipment coupled with the team’s therapeutic techniques and skills has targeted my core strength, burned fat, built muscle, sculpted and chiseled my body. Active Body Clinic’s employees were always professional, polite, respectable and positive. I felt at home and always comfortable when I was in their presence. They always accommodated my busy schedule and consistently provided a facility that was organized, resourceful and spotless clean. Thank you to everyone at Active Body Clinic for changing my life!

Stacey, Age: 44

My Active Body Clinic Experience

I find it hard to put into words how grateful I am for what your clinic has done for me. But I have tried. I hope this speaks volumes to the great job your team has done with me.

The professionals at Active Body Clinic started assisting me with my rehabilitation 3 years ago after a car accident left me bed-ridden for 2 months. Severe hip, back and leg injuries left me in constant pain and unable to walk without the aid of a walker. Dr. DiFrancesco and his team worked tirelessly to improve not only my pain levels but my walking abilities.

Dr. DiFrancesco personally assessed my injuries and came up with a multi-disciplined approach to my recovery, taking full advantage of the health professionals in his office. The team-approach allowed several different therapists, each with their own unique approaches, to assist in my recovery. The Active Body Clinic team also includes personal trainers, massage therapists, pilates and yoga instructors, all experienced in working with people with injuries. This multi-layered approach gave me an overall body rehabilitation, not just a rehab focused on one injury area.

The Active Body Clinic’s unique approach of using a full team of health professionals is also extended to the amazing administrative staff. The women at the front desk were always cheerful, professional and guaranteed to put a smile on my face, no matter how much pain I was in. The clinic also has fantastic woman dedicated to dealing with all the insurance papers. Katelyn’s in-depth understanding of the claims procedures and ability to explain the confusing insurance process to me was greatly appreciated as often I was simply over-whelmed by the paperwork.

When we encountered issues that the Active Body Clinic team did not have expertise in, Dr. DiFrancesco recommended specialists at other clinics for me. He wrote reference letters and volunteered to talk to the other specialists to help facilitate a smooth transition to their clinics to further my rehabilitation. This client-focused, professional attitude is the hallmark of the Active Body Clinic.

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