Custom Foot Orthotics, Braces and Compression Stockings

By offering a wide range of prescription and non-prescription braces and orthopaedic supports, custom made foot orthotics, and compression stockings, Active Body Clinic provides the maximum support needed by its clients. We know the value of proper prescription, fit and wearing instructions, because a support that fits improperly, functions improperly. All of our products are 100% guaranteed to be free of defects and come with a warranty guaranteeing fit.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics are successful in providing biomechanical change and relieving mechanical stress and pressure on sensitive areas of the feet.

 Active Body Clinic has teamed up with Alpha Orthotics, a local orthtotic lab from Dundas, Ontario for the fabrication of the majority of our handcrafted orthotics. The Pedorthist on staff is Chad Steele, C Ped (C), certified by the Pedorthic College of Canada and by the Pedorthic Association of Canada.  This partnership ensures a quick turnaround, personalized service and an on-site guarantee that no other lab offers.

 An orthotic functions best when paired with appropriate supportive footwear.  Proper footwear is as important as the orthotic itself. Together they function as a complete complementary system with the shoe accommodating and supporting the orthotic so the orthotic can properly support your feet.  Our clients are encouraged to purchase new footwear themselves at the time of fabrication for this purpose so that our orthotics can be custom cut to match the shoe’s footbed.

 Custom-made sandals provide support and cushioning for our clients at home. Many of sandal styles are useful for our clients with limited hand function as they can be put on and off hands free.

 How are Orthotics Constructed?

 A non weight bearing cast in subtalar neutral is first performed. The client’s clinical data is referenced to the normal population and abnormalities are corrected. A laser scans the negative cast that the health care provider has made from your foot impression to create a corrected positive. The mould is milled using the corrected casting from the computer then ground and posted as to the specific requirements of the client.  Then engineered copolymer with complete intrinsic memory and predictability postings made from carbon flex, polypropylene and/or bay comp carbon is vacuum formed over the positive. The shell material is applied.  All orthotics provided by Active Body Clinic have been hand made for our clients with 100% raw materials.

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