Diet & Nutritional Counselling

Active Body Clinic applies modern principles of weight loss to help you lose weight and keep it off. Our one-to-one medically supervised program is custom tailored to your needs. We do not participate in fad diets; rather we use proven and established scientific principles that result in healthy weight loss. Active Body Clinic applies nutritional therapy to help clients with high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, constipation, diabetes, or food intolerances. As well, we work with athletes to improve sport performance and increase lean body mass. Our unique three pronged approach includes:

We will teach you all you need to know to eat an enjoyable and healthy diet. Positive side effects of diet adjustment in our weight loss program include some or all of increased cardiovascular function, decreased risk of most diseases including cancer and diabetes, decreased constipation and more.

Participation in a gentle and progressive exercise program is all that is needed to begin the road to weight loss. We will work with you to custom tailor a program that is enjoyable and relaxing. Positive side effects of incorporating exercise into our weight loss program include improved cardiovascular function, decreased risk of diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases, and improved strength, flexibility and endurance. Our clients have more energy and feel better about themselves. Exercise helps to tone skin and muscle, transforming your body from the inside out.  Some client’s require one-on-one coaching and this is available through our Active Program.

Lifestyle modification
Perhaps the most difficult yet necessary component of our program, lifestyle adaptations are key to keeping weight off. Active Body Clinic will teach you simple life tasks that will enable you to leave our program with confidence in controlling your weight. We will also work with you through the difficult process of modifying negative habits.

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